On July 3, 2021, the UUFNN Board of Trustee approved changes to our Covid-19 Safety Requirements.  They will take effect on July 11, 2021.

Revised Requirements for UUFNN Outdoor Events

  1. Mask wearing will be required outside.
  2. We ask that everyone always carry a mask when you come to the Fellowship even if you only plan to be outside, so that we can put them on if necessary.
  3. Social distancing is still required and encouraged.
  4. With continued social distancing, we will continue singing outside.

The revised requirements for UUFNN Outdoor Events are posted on the UUFNN Website are below.

Revised Requirements for Small Group Indoor Meetings at UUFNN

  1. Groups of up to 10 people may meet in the Great Room.
  2. Social distancing and face masks are required, and the outside doors to the Great Room must be opened to provide greater air flow through the room
  3. One change is that if all the meeting participants are vaccinated, all the meeting participants agree, and no other person who is unvaccinated (including children of meeting participants) will be present, then face masks are not required and eating is also permitted, but meeting participants should carry a face mask with them, in case it becomes necessary to put one on.

The revised requirements for Small Group Indoor Meetings at UUFNN are posted on the UUFNN Website are below.

In approving these changes, the Board of Trustees evaluated current CDC guidance, current Unitarian Universalist Association guidance, which advocates a slower approach than the CDC, the opinions of our UUFNN members and friends who advocate removing all Covid-19 restrictions, and the opinions of our UUFNN members and friends who advocate leaving Covid-19 restrictions in place.

The CDC guidance, the UUA guidance, and the opinions of views of our members and friends encompass a wide range of views.  The changes that will take effect July 11 represent a balancing of these views.  They are an effort to reduce restrictions, consistent with public health guidance, while making it possible for members and friends who are not vaccinated, including our children under age 12, to participate safely in in-person activities at UUFNN.

The Board is continuing to evaluate the requirements and will make additional changes as we continue to move forward to a full reopening of UUFNN.

The Board welcomes and solicits your comments and questions on reopening and Covid-19 safety requirements.  Please email the Board at President@UUFNN.org.